Matthew Fox for Edina School Board

Personal statement

I feel fortunate and proud to live in Edina.  When our family moved to Minnesota five years ago, we looked at homes in many of the western suburbs.  We were drawn to Edina by its reputation for having exceptional schools supported by an engaged community, and it ended up being the right decision for our family.

Over the years, my children, Gael and Tana, have had a truly special experience in the Early Childhood Family Education programs (what wonderful teachers!).  My wife, Thuy Anh, has been active in many school-related efforts and now serves on the Early Learning Center’s PTO Executive Committee and the city’s Race and Equity Task Force.  With great appreciation for education and civic service, I took time this year to find the best way for me to get involved.  After attending School Board meetings and speaking with members from all parts of our community, I feel strongly that I can contribute most meaningfully to our students and community as a member of the Edina School Board.

In Edina, we are entering a pivotal time.  We have a new superintendent and two new principals, building projects that will strongly influence the way we deliver education, and new learning initiatives being tested in real time.  We need to have strong leadership at the School Board-level to collaborate with the superintendent and administration so we ensure our teachers have the resources they need to educate our children.

Some specific oversight functions of the School Board include reviewing a +$100 million-dollar annual budget, guiding a new strategic plan in 2018, and proposing tax levies that affect all Edina residents. When I was a biotech and pharmaceutical investment manager, I executed large financial transactions.  When I was Head of Strategy at Upsher-Smith in Maple Grove, I helped drive the company’s 5-10 year strategic plan.  These governance and strategic planning experiences will translate directly to the role on the Edina School Board.

We also need School Board members who listen openly and understand what important issues students, families, and teachers face.  I have spent time talking with our community and researching key issues such as school start times, levies, funding requirements, equity, and class sizes.  We must be thoughtful about finding solutions to all of these issues and that starts with understanding our students and their needs.  In my current role as CEO of Pairnomix, a company that performs research for children with rare genetic disease, my company serves one individual at a time.  We act with complete accountability and transparency, especially when working with foundations and families.  I will bring this approach to our School Board to make sure that every student has the chance to reach their full potential and bring our community into the fold when making difficult decisions. 

On November 7th, I ask that you please vote for me.  This year, there are four open seats on the School Board and I would be honored to bring my experience to it.  Please also reach out to me directly if you would like to share your perspective with me or if I can provide more information on my platform.  I hope to serve all of our children in the years to come.

Thank you,

Matthew Fox