Matthew Fox for Edina School Board


When difficult decisions must be made, the most critical consideration should be to determine if the outcome will advance our students and empower our teachers. Every child deserves a chance to reach his or her full potential. We must resource an environment which will help each individual learner achieve their goals in a safe and supportive setting.


We have the information, experience, and knowledge within our community to collaboratively drive excellence across all Edina Schools.  When we utilize public and private reports, and bring our teachers, students, and parents into the discussion, we provide an environment that enables students to reach their highest goals.


We recognize that every school has a cap on their disposable resources. Given our strong community values, and the opportunity to work on creative solutions within government mandates, we can find new ways to provide options to students of all achievement levels within our school district.


We are responsible to communicate openly and frequently with the broader Edina community about key topics and decision-making. This will foster more engagement and strengthen our community-wide resolve to put in a maximum effort toward educating our students.