Letter: Fox’s focus on individuals will benefit all students in Edina

To the Editor:

Having worked in Edina Public Schools for many years, I know that the excellent education system is a vital cornerstone to the community. In Edina, our “All for All” mission is important. On Nov. 7, we must choose strong leaders who will develop the next strategic plan and champion all Edina students. I believe Matthew Fox’s experience and track record solving challenges and caring about people uniquely qualify him to serve on the Edina School Board.

Having gotten to know Matthew, he cares deeply about each person he serves. As one example, when he first started working in the field of epilepsy, he spent time with individual patients and families to better understand their needs. He attended conferences and held open sessions with doctors to educate himself and community members about ways to improve patient’s lives. After listening to all stakeholders, Matthew worked with national leaders to solve their patient’s biggest problem – tracking and reporting seizures.

To solve this problem, Matthew led an effort with the Epilepsy Foundation of America to build and launch a new diary, which is now accessible to millions of patients worldwide on epilepsy.com.

In the coming years, Edina will face population growth and build new strategic plans. Matthew’s ability to listen openly, understand the details, and then build a strategy will result in better opportunities for all Edina students. I hope you will vote for Matthew this fall, and I am confident he will be a highly-valued member of the Edina School Board.

Lillian Dolan Ziff
St. Louis Park
Former dean of Valley View Middle School and school psychologist