Letter: Former school board chairs endorse Fox

To the editor:

Having both served as the chair of the Edina School Board, we know our elected board members play a very important role in guiding the future of our school district. The state Legislature dictates many requirements, but how we choose to resource and meet those mandates can vary based on our administration and leadership. We recognize the need for strong board members who will make hard decisions, prioritize strategic objectives that benefit all students, and allocate resources effectively. We support Matthew Fox for Edina School Board and believe he will listen to our community while working collaboratively to solve our greatest challenges.    

Matthew has shown through his professional track record and personal engagements with members of our community that he has the experience to govern and a strong commitment to Edina’s schools. Matthew has been attending Edina School Board meetings, has met with a number of incumbent and past board members and more importantly, the community at large. He has impressed us with his ability to articulate what the key initiatives are as well as the challenges that need to be addressed, and he does so with genuine humility. We believe he will be an effective and collaborative leader whose approach will support the needs of our students and community.

Please join us in voting for Matthew Fox on Nov. 7 for Edina School Board.

Tim Walsh
Brian Hedberg