Letter: Fox Will Focus on Substantive Issues

To the editor:

We moved our family to Edina for the schools. The teachers have been exceptional and we recognize we are fortunate to have such caring and engaged professionals overseeing our children's development.

My wife, Stephanie and I have three children in the school system, Normandale, Valley View and Edina High School. She and I are both active leaders in the community and see firsthand that this is the opportunity to make sustainable needed changes

Recently, there has been growing levels of tension among some groups inside and outside of Edina. There will always be a range of ways to perceive the Edina curriculum. However, some of the recent testing data show declines in scores over the past few years. Without merit, these outside groups are drawing a correlation between diversity and declining scores. This argument is incendiary, baseless and disappointing. The issues with our curriculum are with the curriculum, and we need leaders who will not only digest meaningful information but will make sure teachers can meet state statutes to promote equity and inclusion while focusing on a strong core curriculum. This oversight starts at the School Board level and I know Matthew Fox has the skills and resolve to get this right. Matthew recognizes the challenges facing a school district must be looked at through both a scholarly and community lens. He has experience delivering healthcare solutions to patients while working to understand the needs of families and children. Most importantly, Matthew will listen to all of us in the community, though he will not be swayed by emotion when making tough decisions. We need a complement of skills on the Edina School Board, and Matthew has unique experience that will enable him to elevate the conversation and ensure all students in Edina have what they need in the classroom.
It is with strong conviction that I endorse Matthew Fox for the Edina School Board.

Early voting is already open at City Hall any day between 8:00am and 4:30pm. I ask you to join me in voting for Matthew as I know he will be empathetic to everyone's needs while making sure we tackle the big challenges ahead so our schools remain excellent.

James Pierce
Senior Corporate Leader
Active Community Leader
Engaged Father of Three Children in Edina