Letter: Fox will bring dynamic leadership

To the editor:

Growing up in Edina, I have a deeply-rooted appreciation for our community. We have so many things our schools do well inside the classroom, and our wonderful teachers really care about each of our kids. Their support is complimented at home by our engaged community and parents’ efforts to make sure our children have the resources they need to succeed.

Having said that, in this ever-changing world, new challenges continues to show up that push our boundaries.  The speed of technology and globalization will require us to be flexible and nimble in how we approach learning, so our students can both be grounded in core curriculum elements and be creative thinkers.

To get there, we need our leadership to push us to new heights, and Matthew Fox is one of those unique and energetic leaders. He approaches every new discussion and decision with curiosity and empathy. His career has spanned supply and distribution, international finance, corporate strategy, and now genetic research for children who have epilepsy. He asks the right questions and is honest enough to say, “I don’t know, but I will find out,” and follow up on that promise.

I enthusiastically support Matthew Fox for Edina School Board and ask you to join me in voting for him this fall.

Carly Hoffman