Letter: Fox will put students’ needs first

To the editor:

As a pediatric neurologist, I spend most of my day working with families who have children with epilepsy.  Each child and family has a unique need. Listening and learning from each family allows our team to understand each patient individually. Through our experience and attention to detail, we are able to better anticipate common problems and refine therapy toward effective and efficient outcomes.

Outside of seeing patients, I investigate new therapies and services that can help my patients. This entails meeting with research scientists and companies to understand their products in the evolving field of medicine and neuroscience. Over the years, I have had more than 500 meetings. My meeting and work with Matthew Fox stands out.

Most meetings lead with what a drug or device company product does and how it should be applied. Matthew started by asking, “What do the kids need next?” He determined that by creating a service that performs personalized genetic evaluations, there is an opportunity to make a targeted difference in their lives today. While one of his company objectives is to find drugs that resolve seizures, his team is also trained to work directly with families and to make sure each patient and parent is supported with care and attention. Matthew listens, learns, and then applies his resources and process toward meaningful results.

I will attest that Matthew is honest, transparent, and dedicated to improving thelives of patients. I trust his direction and decisions in our academic community. I am convinced that he will bring a thoughtful and student-first vantage point to the Edina School Board and hope you join me in voting for him this fall.

Dr. Jason Doescher