Letter: Former mayor endorses Matthew Fox

Dennis Maetzold writes, "I enjoyed my time on the Edina School Board and on the Edina City Council, including the honor of being Edina’s mayor, and I know how especially important it is to elect individuals who have a sincere dedication to service and doing what is best for our city.

Matthew Fox is the right kind of leader, and he has my full support."

Letter: Former school board chairs endorse Fox

Tim Walsh and Brian Hedberg write, "Having both served as the chair of the Edina School Board, we know our elected board members play a very important role in guiding the future of our school district... We support Matthew Fox for Edina School Board and believe he will listen to our community while working collaboratively to solve our greatest challenges."

Letter: Fox will bring dynamic leadership

Carly Hoffman writes, "He [Matthew Fox] approaches every new discussion and decision with curiosity and empathy. His career has spanned supply and distribution, international finance, corporate strategy, and now genetic research for children who have epilepsy. He asks the right questions and is honest enough to say, 'I don’t know, but I will find out,' and follow up on that promise."

Letter: Fox will put students’ needs first

Dr. Jason Doescher writes, "I will attest that Matthew is honest, transparent, and dedicated to improving thelives of patients. I trust his direction and decisions in our academic community. I am convinced that he will bring a thoughtful and student-first vantage point to the Edina School Board and hope you join me in voting for him this fall."

Letter: Fox wants to make a difference

Peter Hodne writes, "Matthew wants to serve on the school board for the right reasons. He cares about our community and our kids, and he wants to make a difference. He knows that the skill and experience he brings will contribute to the success of the board and our schools. Matthew understands the importance of educating our kids, and he never loses sight of that goal.

Letter: Fox’s focus on individuals will benefit all students in Edina

Liilian Dolan Ziff writes, "On Nov. 7, we must choose strong leaders who will develop the next strategic plan and champion all Edina students. I believe Matthew Fox’s experience and track record solving challenges and caring about people uniquely qualify him to serve on the Edina School Board...

"In the coming years, Edina will face population growth and build new strategic plans. Matthew’s ability to listen openly, understand the details, and then build a strategy will result in better opportunities for all Edina students. I hope you will vote for Matthew this fall, and I am confident he will be a highly-valued member of the Edina School Board."